Isono Kiriko to marry 24-year-old boyfriend

Isono Kiriko to marry 24-year-old boyfriend

13 Aug – 48-year-old Japanese talent Isono Kiriko has accepted the marriage proposal of her 24-year-old boyfriend Takahashi Togo, who proposed to her in front of a television broadcast.

According to Tokyo Hive, NTV had planned for a surprise proposal by Takahashi to Isono on the show "Gyouretsu no Dekiru Houritsu Soudanjyo SP" on 5 August.

Takahashi appeared on the show and read a letter to her, which at first sounded like he was going to break up with her. Then, he flashed an engagement ring and popped the question: "Will you marry me?".

Isono cried in disbelief and later accepted his marriage proposal.

This would be Isono's second marriage. She was previously married to the eldest son of Shouji Terue from the Kashimashi Musume comedic trio in 2003, but they later divorced in November 2009.

It was then she met Takahashi and they had even opened a bar in Tokyo together.