[Interview] ‘Love From Star’ Park Hae Jin, “I Was Cast As Lee Jae Gyung At First”

[by Chloe Yun] Actor Park Hae Jin talked about his feelings and behind-the-scenes stories of his recent hit series, ‘Love from Star,’ which went off the air last week with a huge round of applause.

Park Hae Jin played rich man ‘Lee Hwi Gyung’ in SBS ‘Love from Star.’ As playing a man who has been deeply in love with one woman for 15 years and never afraid to express his love, he captivated many female fans’ heart, earning the title of ‘The prefect boyfriend.’

▶ Cruel Sociopath → Romantic Gentleman

Park Hae Jin was supposed to play ‘Lee Jae Gyung,’ the sociopath. Due to certain internal situation, however, Park’s role changed to his younger brother ‘Lee Hwi Gyung’, and Shin Sung Rok became ‘Lee Jae Gyung.’

Park said, “If I played ‘Lee Jae Gyung’ he would be a totally different person from the one Shin Sung Rok played. It was what I wanted to play, but Sung Rok perfectly absorbed the character, and his ‘Lee Jae Gyung’ made the show more fun and exciting.”

“As appearing in ‘Seven Princesses’ and ‘My Daughter Seo Young,’ I\'ve earned the title of ‘Cute boy’ which has followed me wherever I go. So I wanted to take of this nice, cute boy image and try a new, different character. That’s why I wanted ‘Lee Jae Gyung’ character at first. To play ‘Lee Hwi Gyung’ I only needed to add some characteristics to the real me. However, I would\'ve had to create a whole different person if I got to play Lee Jae Gyung.” he continued.

▶ About Kim Soo Hyun and Gianna Gun

‘Do Min Joon’ is such a charming character that every actor wants to play. But Park Hae Jin said he was not sure if he could handle the role of ‘Handsome alien.’

Park said, “When I first read the script, I was attracted to ‘Do Min Joon’ character at first. But I couldn\'t fully understand the role. As Gianna Jun said before, Kim Soo Hyun is young but he’s got the charisma. He perfectly managed that difficult character even though he didn\'t have much time to practice.”

“Kim Soo Hyun played and cut up didoes with staff members like a kid, but he perfectly turns into ‘Do Min Jun’ as soon as the shooting starts. He is such an amazing actor,” he said, complementing his fellow actor Kim Soo Hyun.

Park also said that Gianna Jun was the perfect choice for ‘Chun Song E.’ He said, “Gianna Jun’s personality is very similar to that of Chung Song E. She is very easy-going, straightforward, and energetic. She created happy, fun atmosphere.”

▶ What Kind of Boyfriend Are You?

In the series Lee Hwi Gyung loves only one woman (Chun Song E) who hasn\'t loved him back for 15 years. When asked about one-sided love, Park said, “I’m not sure if I could endure for 15 years like Lee Hwi Gyung did. I experienced one-sided love, but it was only three years. ”

“I don’t directly express my feelings like Lee Hwi Gyung did to Chun Song E, but I always stand by a woman I love. Some people say I’m such a fool,” he continued.

▶ New Drama ‘Doctor Stranger’

Park Hae Jin cast in SBS’ new drama series ‘Doctor Stranger’ as a genius doctor, ‘Han Jae Joon.’ Many fans are excited for the upcoming drama as it is his very first medical series.

“I always wanted to do medical drama. I\'ve been studying the script every day, but there are so many difficult words. I recently observed a real cardiac valve surgery. When I saw doctor taking out the patient’s heart really fast, I wasn\'t afraid. Instead, I thought it could be fun. I like watching horror movies like ‘Saw.’ Maybe that’s why,” park said, expressing excitement about his new show and role.

Meanwhile, Park Hae Jin’s new drama series ‘Doctor Stranger,’ also starring Lee Jong Suk, Gang Sora, Jin Se Yeon, and Bora of Sistar, is set to premiere this coming April. (photo by bntnews DB)

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