In Gyo Jin's wealthy family background revealed

Kang Hye-In
In Gyo Jin's wealthy family background revealed

In Gyo Jin's family background was revealed.

On February 27th, tvN 'E News - Critical Hit' introduced stars who have wealthy family backgrounds, and In Gyo Jin's family was introduced.

In Gyo Jin's father was found out to be an owner of a company that earn 20 billion KRW per year, and it is said that the company is one of the leading companies in industry.

In Gyo Jin said, "I admire my father the most. Not only did he become a successful person in the society, he is great in person. So many people make great comments about my father, and I just hope to become a great person like him."

On the other hand, In Gyo Jin is casting in MBC drama 'Horse Doctor' as Kwon Seok Cheol.

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