Hyun Young delivers a baby girl

Hyun Young delivers a baby girl

23 Aug – It was recently revealed that entertainer and "Baby-faced Beauty" co-star Hyun Young has given birth to a healthy baby girl at a Gangnam hospital.

As reported on Allkpop website, Hyun Young's agency, Koen Star Entertainment told the media, "Hyun Young safely delivered a healthy baby girl weighing 3.1kg at 3:01AM. Both the mother and child are healthy."

The rep continued saying that the newlyweds are very happy and that the baby resembles her father.

Meanwhile, the entertainer was reportedly saying, "I'm so happy that I've given birth to a beautiful baby girl. I hope she grows up happy and healthy. I'll do my best to be a good mother."

She also mentioned that they have saved the umbilical cord after the birth so to use the umbilical blood in case of a disease.

Hyun Young married financial worker, Choi Won-hee in March this year after making the announcement in January.