Huh Gak became a father

Kim Dong-Joo
Huh Gak became a father

Huh Gak became a father.

On March 14th, vocalist Huh Gak uploaded a new post on his fan club website, and told that he became a father.

Huh Gak wrote, "I finally became a father, and please congratulate me. I called my baby 'blessing', because many blessings happened after having our baby."

He also wrote, "The baby was born a bit earlier than expected. I should've told everyone about this much earlier, but please forgive me for not telling this earlier. My marriage has been a hot issue, and my wife needed to relax down."

Huh Gak went on, "The whole atmosphere of our family has changed after having our baby, and my wife is also feeling very happy. I never expected that becoming a father would be this much exciting."

Huh Gak lastly added, "I will do my best in raising the baby, and thank you for everything. Please bless my baby, and I will pay everything back with good music."

Meanwhile, Huh Gak got married back in October.

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