Hugh Laurie to play villain

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Hugh Laurie to play villain

17 Feb – Disney studios are still keeping mum about their latest project "Tomorrowland", however with Hugh Laurie now brought in as the villain, there are some good theories about what the George Clooney starring movie will probably be about.

In reality, "Tomorrowland" is actually a part of Disneyland that concentrates more into the future and outer space and its popular mascots include Buzz Lightyear and recently, the Star Wars characters, so it is very likely that the film project will consist a similar theme based on these subjects. Rumour has it; the plotline could be of a UFO encounter.

Hugh Laurie, who was famously the Sherlock Holmes-esque Dr. House in the AmericanTV series, is now free to have a go at other roles in bigger projects after the show ended last year in 2012. He has recently starred with Leighton Meester in "The Oranges" and has also lent his voice in a couple of animated films including "Hop" and "Arthur Christmas".

All we know is that George Clooney is signed on to play the lead in the movie, and now recently Hugh Laurie is picked to play a villainous role. The exact roles that they're playing are still under wraps as the movie is still in pre-production and will only be shooting after next month.

The film's codename is rumoured to be "1952" hence many have speculated that it could be set around that time when UFO sightings were all the rage.