Huang Xiaoming's condition worsens

Huang Xiaoming's condition worsens

24 Nov – Following reports that actor Huang Xiaoming has been involved in a set accident when he plunged 3-metres down during the filming of "The Bride With White Hair", it was revealed that the actor's injury may be serious enough to warrant an operation.

As reported on Asianpopnews, Huang Xiaoming's condition was aggravated two nights ago when his left foot swelled up, causing him to have high fever.

In a tele-conversation, his manager Huang Bin stated, "Xiaoming's swollen leg is more serious than a day ago and we are currently considering the option of surgery."

However, Huang Bin added, "He is very strong and optimistic. He even comforted us."

On 22 November, director Jacob Cheung and producer Tsui Hark visited Xiaoming. They emphasized that they would not change the film's leading actor and shooting would resume when Xiaoming recovers.

Huang Xiaoming will need around three months to fully recover from his injury.