How To Catch Up the ‘Frozen’ Elsa’s Makeup

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[by Park Yoon Jin] Exceeding more than eight billion domestic audiences, the animation ‘Frozen’ and its main character Elsa are in great popularity these days. 

Elsa’s beautiful appearance inside the animation became so popular that it even created a boom called ‘Catching up the Elsa’s Makeup.’ Yuna of AOA captured people’s interest by posting the picture of herself which she followed the Elsa’s hair and makeup.

Inside the film, queen of snow Elsa depicts the image of white skin, red lips and blond hair that is thickly braided down. From now, we will introduce the way to catch up the ‘Elsa’s makeup’ step by step. 

Face, Make Your Skin to Look Transparent and Soft

Presentation ability is required since Elsa’s makeup requires palely white and flexible looking skin. Moreover, skin needs a natural shine. Prior to the skin presentation, provide enough moisture at the base so that you can have a best skin condition. 

In order to make a flawless skin presentation, use the primer before applying the foundation. By covering the flaws such as freckles, blemish and pores, make the smooth skin base. Style Nanda’s skin control primer from three concept eyes presents the three color product. 

‘Mild Peach’ flourishingly brightens the yellow skin tone and provides outstanding oil-moisture balance that the makeup maintains for long hours. After applying the sun screen, take enough amounts out of the product and apply naturally through the whole face using brush or sponge. 

Eye Shadow, Making Red purple Color Gradation

From cold and confident image to feminine looks, eye makeup is the most important part of Elsa’s makeup. 

Here, focus on the color ‘light purple.’ Light purple that creates mysterious and cold feeling appeals the feminine feeling. In order to create a mature feeling, mix the red color and purple color shadow, applying over the eyes. Here, point is to apply the shadow longer than your length of eyes.

Emphasize your eye shape with eye liner one more time. Drawing the simple line helps you to create daily makeup look. Lastly, wear the color lens to present the mysterious and elegant atmosphere of Elsa.


Lip, Just like the Piece of Flower

Elsa’s lip color is made with red tone purple color that it creates a romantic atmosphere. With the intensive purple eye makeup, Elsa’s lip color makes the cold and powerful but sensual feeling. 

Make the full formation and choose the lip color that is based on color purple. Clean application is most important that drawing the lip line first is recommended. Just like the Elsa’s lip color, lip color that assembles the flower such as lavender and lilac are expected to be popular in this spring. 

Stylenanda’s lip color 602 contains an attractive neon purple color that it could be used at real way look, special party or other TPOs by simply adjusting the concentration. (photo by Stylenanda, AOA facebook, movie ‘Frozen’ still cut)

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