Him Law thanks Tavia Yeung for success

Him Law thanks Tavia Yeung for success

7 Dec – Tavia Yeung was moved to tears after she was thanked by rumoured boyfriend, Him Law, recently.

According to Asianpopnews, Him Law, who named Tavia to be the person who has indirectly helped him won My Favourite Supporting Character Award at the event that was held on 2 December, openly thanked Tavia again at the celebratory event that was later held in Hong Kong.

Tavia, who was touched by his speech, could not hold back her tears upon hearing Him Law saying, "I hope to get the TV King title one day so that I could narrow the gap between me and Tavia. I am still new in the industry but I hope to use the time to slowly catch up with her."

The actor was also quoted saying, ""The Hippocratic Crush" has given me the most important thing of my life", triggering speculations that the actor was talking about Tavia.

When asked if Him was referring to her, Tavia smiled and replied, "I don't know. I am not a thing, I am a human. You need to ask him what he had gained."

When probed about marriage, Tavia stated, "I got a headache upon hearing that. Actors like to tease each other whenever there are rumours around. It's fine if everyone is happy," and revealed that she had no plans to get married currently and would leave her marriage to fate.

Meanwhile, when asked if Tavia was his ideal wife, Him responded, "I will leave marriage to fate. She is a good girl and is every man's ideal marriage partner. I am not sure if I can have such good fortune."