Hello Venus to Perform as Five Due to Injured Member Yoonjo

Park, HyunMin

Hello Venus, a six-member girl group which has been garnering attention as ‘Post-Afterschool,’ has come across a huge dilemma right before its debut, as one of its members, Yoonjo, was injured during practice.

Hello Venus’ company, Pledis revealed on May 2 that Yoonjo was injured during practice, two days before her music video filming. She damaged a leg ligament, which requires three to four weeks of mandatory rest. After gaining attention with the release of teasers for each member last week, Hello Venus eventually decided to stand on stage as five.

During the music video shoot, Yoonjo, with her leg injury, participated in most of the filming, except for the dancing.

The company explained future plans for Hello Venus. “It’s not a serious injury, but in order to show perfection on its debut stage, we made our decision. For the time being, the five members will stand on stage, and all six will participate in radio programs and interviews.”

Meanwhile, Hello Venus, consisting of Yooara, Yoonjo, Nara, Alice, Rhyme, and Yooyoung, all who have proven their talent and beauty, has been gaining support from its company colleagues, such as Son Dambi, After School, and NU’EAST, and has been working hard to finish preparations before its debut.

Photo Credit: Pledis

Reporter : Park, HyunMin (gato@cj.net)
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