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Lucy Liu on the cover of Fitness Magazine (March 2013) -- Fitness Magazine

At 44, actress Lucy Liu reveals in the March issue of Fitness magazine that she feels healthier and more confident than she did in her 20s.

"I know who I am now, and I'm more accepting of myself," the actress says.

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Healthy Hollywood hears those same sentiments from lots of women who take good care of their mind and body. Whoever said it is all downhill after 40? It's certainly not the case with Hollywood stars like Halle Berry or Jennifer Lopez or even us regular career gals.

Lucy credits Pilates with keeping her body youthful and toned, noting, "Pilates introduced me to muscles I never even knew I had. Ten years of Pilates has really changed my body for the better."

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Lucy, who stars in the CBS TV hit "Elementary," shares with Fitness magazine that a combo of Pilates and running has helped get her legs in amazing shape. "Pilates and running help to clear my mind and they really strengthen me. Pilates has engaged my core and made me feel more confident in that area. I don't have long legs so I've never said, 'Oh, I love my legs.' But I feel like they look longer and feel better than they ever have with the combination of Pilates and running."

She also meditates to keep more balanced. "I've been meditating twice a day for about two years now and it's like saying a prayer. It's helped me so much! It gives me a feeling of comfort and safety. You realize that you can live and work and do all the things you need to do. It makes me feel like I'm part of a bigger plan, and that's a very nice feeling."

For more on Lucy's healthy lifestyle, check out the March issue of Fitness magazine.

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