Hawick Lau brings Yang Mi home

Hawick Lau brings Yang Mi home

15 Feb – It seems that marriage is really on the cards for celebrity couple Hawick Lau and Yang Mi, as both recently celebrated Chinese New Year with Yang Mi's parents in Beijing before joining Hawick's father in Hong Kong.

As reported on Groove Asia website, the couple were spotted at the airport on 13 February, arriving arm-in-arm together. However, when the actress saw reporters nearby, she shyly took her hand off him.

Asked if he already sent New Year greetings to future father and mother in-law in Beijing, Hawick smiled sweetly and said, "Yes, they're very nice and made me feel very comfortable. My girlfriend will be staying in the new home for a few days, she saw it and really likes it."

The home in question is a HKD30 million, 1,398 square feet Valverde home in the Mid-Levels district he bought last year. The actor recently added Yang Mi's name on the property and stressed that the home is primarily used to visit his family while in Hong Kong.

Asked if he is giving the house to Yang Mi, Hawick answered, "Actually the house is under my mother and Yang Mi's name."

Meanwhile, prospective father-in-law, Lau Dan, has only compliments for Yang Mi, stating, "She's a good girl. Many of my friends spoke highly of my son and her. They also said my son has chosen the right girl!"