Hannah Quinlivan to retire early

Lester Gan Wai Lun
Hannah Quinlivan to retire early

18 Nov – Taiwanese superstar Jay Chou's 18-year-old "girlfriend" Hannah Quinlivan, is seriously considering to retire from showbiz as a result of constant criticism from Jay's fans, according to the May Daily Website.

Hannah, who is also rumoured to be married to Jay, is apparently afraid to leave her home, watch TV news or even browse the Internet, revealed a close friend.

Jay's fans have been brutally bashing on the 18-year-old model, saying that she is not good enough for him. They even went out of their way to criticise her latest appearance in a TV commercial, describing her voice as "disgusting" and acting to be "terrible".

Her management company confirmed that Hannah is under huge pressure and has temporarily stopped arranging work for her.