Han Go Eun shows off her fluent English skill

Kang Hye-In
Han Go Eun shows off her fluent English skill

Han Go Eun showed her fluent English skill at 'Seoul Drama Awards'.

On 30th, the 7th 'Seoul International Drama Awards' took place at the National Theater of Korea, and Han Go Eun appeared with actor Shin Hyun Jun as an MC.

At the festival, 201 dramas from 45 different countries in total were introduced, and a great number of Korean and foreign officials attended.

Han Go Eun deeply impressed the attendants with he fluent English skill, and led the event without using any translator.

Shin Hyun Jun made people laugh by saying, "I feel so safe right beside Han Go Eun."

On the other hand, 'Deeply Rooted Tree' won the grand prize this year.

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