Han Geng's five-second Hollywood debut

Han Geng's five-second Hollywood debut

24 June – Despite the hype that Chinese singer-actor Han Geng received last year when he was selected to star in the Hollywood movie, "Transformers: Age of Extinction", it was recently revealed that the actor's screen time in the movie lasted for only five seconds!

China News reported that though the actor's involvement in the movie was on the headlines when it was revealed last year, he was only featured as a guitarist who was surprised to see a transformer while waiting in his car, and eventually killed off by one.

The short duration of his appearance surprised Han Geng's fans who have been waiting eagerly to see their favourite idol shine in a Hollywood movie.

Meanwhile, Li Bingbing, who plays the role of a scientist, was given a longer screen time and also performed several action scenes of her own.

It seemed that Han Geng's five-second cameo is another case of Hollywood trying to woo Chinese audiences in order to insert itself more prominently into China's booming film market.