Han Geng collaborates with Vicky Zhao

Han Geng collaborates with Vicky Zhao

14 Mar – It has been officially confirmed that former Super Junior member Han Geng will be taking centre stage for his lead role in "To Our Youth That Will Eventually Fade", Vicky Zhao's directorial debut, as reported by Daily Chilli.

The actress had previously created a decent amount of buzz in the industry after publicising her directorial debut, particularly with her directing credibility and her cast.

Also in the list of male leads is Taiwanese hunk Mark Chao who has been picked to play Chen Xiao Zheng in the film that will be produced by Hong Kong award-winning filmmaker Stanley Kwan.

The singer-actor, known for his long hairdo has to now have his hair cut short in order to suit his new role – reported Han's management via Weibo.

Since his departure from his former Korean pop group, the heartthrob has been doing well with his solo recording career. He's also part of the ensemble cast for historical epics "The Founding of a Party" and "The First President", and had starred alongside Barbie Hsu and Wu Chun in "My Kingdom" as well as in 2007's SuJu flick "Attack on the Pin-Up Boys".

Filming of "To Our Youth That Will Eventually Fade" has already commenced since 3 March, in Nanjing.