Hair protection for hot weather

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 Many of us don’t care for our hair properly, mainly because we are oblivious of the potentially harmful effects that the everyday can have on it. The sun on our fair isle can be intense to say the least and can have a damaging impact on our precious tresses at the best of times. If you’re off on a beach vacation or planning on sun bathing over the weekend, here are some preventative measures you can take so you are armed and at the ready with the best hair care tips to keep your locks protected when you’re in the sun.

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Conditioning oil

Ever had a day in the sun or by the beach and realised your hair felt like straw at the end of the day? This is most likely because the moisture has been sapped out of it. Prevent this from happening by applying conditioning oil to your hair before you head out as it will nourish and condition deep.


Hair spritz

If you’re heading to the beach for a day in the sun, the heat, salt water and wind can be harmful and most of us will experience frizzy hair. Not only will a hair spritz keep hair tamed, but the right one will also protect it from the sun’s UVA/UVB rays and provide water resistance. Re-apply throughout the day and after swimming.



Many hair care products you can buy today contain SPF to protect it from the sun. Ensure it actually says SPF on the bottle as some will say they offer protection when the actually don’t. Alternatively, create your own from sunscreen and water and put into a spritz bottle to take with you.


Shower off

The sea may be lovely way to cool off from the sun’s heat, but it isn’t kind towards your hair. Wash your hair with fresh water after you have been in the sea as the salt from the ocean forms small crystals on the hair which intensifies the sun’s heat onto the hair like mini magnifying glasses.



What you eat will affect greatly affect the condition of your hair. Go for all year round healthy hair but having a diet rich in antioxidants as they help to fight and neutralise free radicals which damage cells. Antioxidants will also protect your hair from the bleaching effect of the sun which makes the hair porous and unable to maintain its colour pigment. Drinking plenty of water will help to keep your hair hydrated too.


Sans alcohol

If you’re a hair product person, you may want to think about staying away from those that contain alcohol, especially if you are beach bound. The alcohol in these products will actually dry out your hair faster in the sun than if you were to go au natural.



If you’re away on a beach holiday, you may want to leave your hair-styling tools that use heat at home as they cause the hair to rapidly lose moisture.


Full coverage

It goes without saying that a hat or a bandana will be your hair’s best defence against the sun. It will give your hair maximum protection from the elements.