Gregory Lee angered by latest rumour

Gregory Lee angered by latest rumour

17 Feb – "Off Peddler" actor, Gregory Lee was recently angered by a magazine report accusing him of fathering a two-year-old daughter.

TVB News World website reported that on 13 February, the actor updated his Weibo, stating, "They clearly knew that the two-year-old was my friend's daughter, but they still reported that she's my daughter."

The actor continued, "[If they want to write those things] then why do the media need to ask me? I just think that is truly despicable. I'm discussing with my lawyer right now, we will definitely take this to the end!"

Gregory also revealed that he has nothing to hide, stating that if he gets married and have children, he will announce it to everybody.

The actor, who was once rumoured to have been living freely under actress Shirley Yeung's expense when they were dating in 2002, also added, "Furthermore, the Shirley [Yeung] incident was huge. The media followed me day and night. If I really did have a daughter, then how would it not be known? It would have been exposed long ago!"