'Grace of Gentleman' Kim Ha-neul touches viewers' mind with her tears

Nam Woo-Jeong
'Grace of Gentleman' Kim Ha-neul touches viewers' mind with her tears

Kim Ha-neul's tears touched viewers' hearts.

On 8th, in the 14th episode of SBS drama 'Grace of Gentleman', Colin(Lee Jong Hyun) was found out to be Kim Dojin(Jang Dong-gun)'s son, Dojin broke up with Seo Yisoo(Kim Ha-neul).

The two were only starting out their love, and the sudden appearance of Dojin's son was an obstacle that was too hard to overcome.

Dojin broke up with her, feeling the pain of tearing his and her heart, and Seo Yisoo weeped in sorrow.

Dojin, who was worried about Yisoo, drove her car to her home, and Yisoo yelled, "I thought everything was suddenly so happy. So, this is what it was. Is there anything more that I should know? Is there more dark past? No second son?" and started weeping in her room.

Kim Ha-neul seemed to have fell into the emotion, and her perfect acting touched viewers' hearts deeply as well.

It is said Kim Ha-neul took a long time to focus on the feelings, and even the staffs became silent because of her.

On the other hand, the viewers' attention is now being focused on how Kim Ha-neul and Kim Dojin will take the story on.

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