'Grace of Gentleman' Jang Dong-gun proposes to Kim Ha-neul

Nam Woo-Jeong
'Grace of Gentleman' Jang Dong-gun proposes to Kim Ha-neul

Jang Dong-gun made a surprise propose to Kim Ha-neul.

In the latest episode of SBS drama 'Grace of Gentleman', Kim Dojin(Jang Dong-gun) proposed to Seo Yisoo(Kim Ha-neul).

In the episode, Dojin, who was leaving to Chooncheon for business, took Yisoo with him with a word of notice, and bewildered her.

Yisoo was deeply impressed and fell into an even deeper love after seeing Dojin focusing on his work,

Yisoo was surprised by a sudden trip, but she fell in love with Dojin even deeper.

The two went to a restaurant in a hotel, and Dojin said, "Hotel was made so that people could sleep, so let's get up." However, Yisoo remembered that she didn't match her underwear colors, and she said no right away.

Yisoo drove to Seoul instead of Dojin, and she looked at Dojin who fell in a deep sleep from outside of the window.

Dojin suddenly opened the window with his eyes closed, and he suddenly said, "Seo Yisoo, let's live together. You'll be happy. I promise."

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