"We Got Married": No show for Yoo In-na?

"We Got Married": No show for Yoo In-na?

22 Jun – After Yoo In-na and Ji Hyun-woo's relationship was made known to the public, fans of MBC's "We Got Married" are curious to know the future of the show with Yoo In-na and her supposed husband in the reality show.

Allkpop website reported that the "Queen In-hyun's Man" actress was initially planned to partner up with another actor with the same name - "Deep Rooted Tree" actor Hyun Woo for the show's third season and it is highly likely that the plan will not be continued.

MBC announced that, "After Yoo In-na is revealed to be dating Ji Hyun-woo, we believe that our original plan for Yoo In-na and Hyun Woo will not be realised."

It was also revealed that before all the commotion, the two stars were scheduled to start recording the show on 19 June.

Meanwhile, Hyun Woo's agency Sidus HQ stated, "It is true that Hyun Woo was being considered for partnering up with Yoo In-na for "We Got Married". However, Hyun Woo is currently playing a role for JTBC's "I Live in Cheongdam-Dong" and therefore we weren't 100% sure on whether his schedule will allow it."