Gillian Chung holidays in Vietnam

Gillian Chung holidays in Vietnam

20 Feb –Cantopop star Gillian Chung had rejected job offers on Valentine's Day in order to go on a romantic holiday with her Korean beau.

Groove Asia website reported that the singer, who previously announced that she would be working on Valentine's Day, took time off to spend the occasion with her Korean boyfriend in Vietnam.

On 15 February, the singer was spotted at the Ho Chi Minh airport with her boyfriend, both wearing shades to hide from the public eye. However, contrary to the actions of most celebrity couples, they did not mind being seen together and enjoyed their private conversation.

A source claimed, "Gillian has decided on a Vietnam vacation instead of other popular holiday getaways to accommodate Mr. K's preference for low-key celebrations."

Earlier in an interview, Gillian admitted that her boyfriend is not a romantic, and believed that he will not be preparing anything for Valentine's Day – prompting her decision to work on the special day.