Audi Fashion Festival Day 3: Get your bling on

Amanda Mok
Fashion Season News

Guest blogger Amanda Mok of Fashionide has one foot in the swirly, glitzy universe that is fashion, the other firmly planted in reality. She has been nicknamed the barefoot fashionista because while she always has an eye out for that perfect pair of killer stilettos, she would much rather pad around barefoot.

You know a jewellery line means business when they bring the big guns. And in this case, display a fringe diamond necklace with a rare 26.65 carat yellow diamond worth S$4.59 million.

Day 3 of the Audi Fashion Festival saw American designer jewellery company Tiffany & Co put its shiniest and most precious side forward.

Celebrating its 175th anniversary, the luxury jewellery brand themed their collection “The Treasures of Tiffany” – because they had a lot of treasures on display indeed.

Collaborating with the Singapore Dance Theatre, the show also had ballerinas adorned with long strings of diamond necklaces, luxurious pearl chokers, and unbelievably huge oval and teardrop-shaped emeralds and sapphires. It was such a refreshing change to see them dancing elegantly en pointe down the runway, instead of the usual bevy of striding models.

Moving on to the second show of the night: It was Jonathan Simkhai, Saena and Juma presented by Future Fashion Now (FFN). No bling there, but hey, we’ve got to rest our eyes in between.

These indie designers are really starting to grow on me too. I was so enthralled by New York-based Juma’s unique graphic digital prints – which resemble watercolours, peacock feathers and abstract flora on the asymmetrical dresses and gowns – that I went straight to the FFN portal on my iPhone the moment the last model exited.

And it’s really no wonder that their designs are inspired by art and wanderlust. Siblings Jamil and Alia Juma have practically lived around the globe in exotic locations like Kenya, Congo and Kazakhstan. Talk about having a wealth of inspiration!

Finally, saving the best for last, was Swarovski’s “Kingdom of Jewels” – which held nothing back right from the start, as it sent models stomping down the runway rock ‘n’ roll style in opulent, crystal-encrusted leather jackets, dangerously-fierce studded stilettos, capes, cuffs and a body harness.

Instead of just the accessories, the focus this time was on the entire ensemble, each more jaw-dropping than the last. I especially loved the asymmetrical slashed embroidered chained top entirely studded with black crystals, which was paired with leather pants and a “Denim Blue” Crystal Mesh-capped shoulder accessory. So it was no surprise that by the end of the night, Swarovski had gotten a rockin’ new convert in me.

It’s no secret that Fashion Week presents yet another excuse for industry insiders and fashionistas to dress up to the nines. The goal, after all, is to see and be seen, in the hopes of scoring that coveted feature or be asked what label they happen to be wearing.

And with all the bling that was on display, one can almost be certain that we will be spotting the shining designs on the fashionable elite here, in the days to come.

• Tallulah Harlech (daughter of Karl Lagerfeld’s longtime Chanel muse, Amanda Harlech) at the front row of the “Treasures of Tiffany” show.
• Everything crystal-encrusted, from Louboutins to clutches to and even heavily embellished cocktail dresses.

Glam elements:
• The Tiffany & Co. door gift included a sample of Royal Cosmetics cream with pure gold flakes.
• Cocktails flecked with real gold dust were served just before the Swarovski show, while lobster and smoked ducked canapés were dished out after.
• The Swarovski goodie bag had this month’s issue of Her World magazine and a mini Swarovski notebook, with a cute crystal button clasp perfect for jotting down style notes!
• Each Swarovski piece took an average of 80 hours to complete.
• The Killer’s “Somebody Told Me” was the perfect song to close Swarovski’s “Kingdom of Jewels” show.