Gary confesses his love for Ji-hyo

Syahida Kamarudin
Yahoo! Newsroom6 October 2011
Gary confesses his love for Ji-hyo

6 Oct – There are a lot of made-for-TV relationships on South Korean variety shows but not any of them can match the awkward yet adorable "Monday Couple", Leessang's Gary and actress Song Ji-hyo. And in the latest episode of SBS' "Strong Heart", it seems that Gary accidentally confesses his real love for her.

According to kpopfever website, during a recording of SBS' "Strong Heart", Gary spoke about Song Ji-hyo and his concerns about damaging her image as an actress because of their 'Monday Couple' relationship in SBS' variety show, "Running Man".

On this episode Gary was told that they had Song Ji-hyo on the phone and Gary immediately said "Mong Ji", calling out her nickname as if they were very close.

To this, Lee Seung-gi asked if he was as close to Song Ji-hyo. Gary answered that everyone on "Running Man" are real friends and revealed that he had been very concerned about damaging Song Ji-hyo's image as an actress because of their 'Monday Couple' relationship on the show.

Gary stated, "I once asked the production director, "I think I might damage her image. Should I stop at about now?" However, Song Ji-hyo was so open to him and he said he was very thankful of her for that.

After hearing about Gary's story, Jo Jung-rin stated that when she sees Gary talk about Song Ji-hyo that he really looks as though he's in love. Thus Gary answered, "Okay. I loved her. Let's just say that I did".

"Running Man" is a variety show on South Korea's SBS network consisting of seven members. Hosted by comedian Yu Jae-suk, Leessang's Gary and "Gyebaek" actress Song Ji-hyo are among of the members of the show. Both stars are the scandalous couple of the show, and got their nickname "Monday Couple" because they show interest in each other on Mondays, the day Running Man is recorded.

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