Gackt and Yoshiki pay respects

Gackt and Yoshiki pay respects

15 Mar – Recently, Gackt and Yoshiki, two Visual-Kei rock stars, paid their respects to the victims of the Tohoku Earthquake and thanked those who had supported their country during the disaster.

According to Tokyo Hive, Gackt attended three memorial services at Iwate, which was one of the areas that experienced a severe attack by the earthquake a year ago. While he was attending the memorial service at the Minami Sanriku Bayside Arena, Gackt observed a moment of silence before presenting a bouquet of flowers to the memorial altar.

"3.11 is a date we cannot forget. We need to start seeing things in a new light so that the victims can recovery even a day faster," said the 39-year-old musician, who had established the "Public Cooperation Show Your Heart Foundation" in March last year following the earthquake. The fund had donated 2 million Yen (approximately SG$30,000) to the Japanese Red Cross Society.

Also attending the memorial service were actor Kawasaki Mayo and members from the band Yellow Fried Chickenz.

Meanwhile, X Japan leader Yoshiki attended an event sponsored by the Japan Consulate-General in Los Angeles to thank those who contributed from overseas.

"I was touched by various people around the world who were willing to contribute and help Japanese people," said a tearful Yoshiki, after witnessing the scenes of destruction caused by the earthquake and tsunami that were replayed at the event.

The 47-year-old also encouraged the victims to move on and urged for more support for his countrymen.