G.E.M. clarifies issue about driving photo

G.E.M. clarifies issue about driving photo

8 Sep – Hong Kong singer G.E.M. Tang recently clarified the issue about the photo of her driving a car that she had previously published online.

On 4 September, the singer shared a photo of her learning how to drive a car on Weibo, saying, "It's raining and I am driving on the road for the first time. My heart is beating really fast!"

The photo, however, received quite a backlash from Netizens, claiming that G.E.M. may have broken the law and risked others' safety by taking photos while driving.

However, according to On CC News, the singer recently clarified the issue, saying that her driving instructor was with her at the time and had allowed her to take photos.

"I was at the red light when I took the photo [...]. I asked [my driving instructor] if I could take a picture since I stopped at the red light, and he said yes," the singer explained.

G.E.M. also stated that she had read the safety manual at Hong Kong's Transport Department, which specified that the driver can use a mobile phone when the car is parked or not moving.

However, according to a lawyer contacted by the news portal, there is a different interpretation about the stated rule in the safety guidelines. Though she was at the red light, there is possibility that the traffic light will turn green at any moment and vehicles on the road would start moving. The safest way to use a phone, said the lawyer, is when the car is parked.