G-Dragon finally releasing his new solo album 'The XX'

Choi Hyun-Jung
G-Dragon finally releasing his new solo album 'The XX'

G-Dragon is finally coming back on September 1st with his new song ‘The XX’

On 28th, YG Entertainment revealed G-Dragon’s new image and the caption through their official blog.

G-Dragon alluded that his comeback is approaching by releasing the MV of ‘ONE OF A KIND’ and various other teasers, and aroused the fans’ anticipation with his unique look.

However, G-Dragon showed more gentle and chic look this time, showed somewhat different look from what the fans were expecting from him.

What is capturing the fans’ attention the most is the caption that says ‘The XX’, which looks like the title track, and they are getting more and more curious about what type of song it will be.

On the other hand, YG Entertainment is not giving out any detailed information yet.

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