Five ways to help your girlfriend shop efficiently

Akitoshi Nomi
Fashion Season Shopping

Imagine this scenario: You just got off a hectic day at work, and your girlfriend asks you to go out with her because she wants to buy groceries or new clothes, and she wants your company. You reach the random shopping mall in Orchard Road to meet her and she sets off on a quest to buy her things, with you in tow. All the while, your legs scream bloody murder and your brain threatens you of shutting down. At the same time, your girlfriend seems to have limitless energy, going inside shop after shop to look at things to buy. You wonder in amazement at her stamina.

This is the secret nightmare of most boyfriends – aimless shopping. With this in mind, don’t forget that it is in your power to help your girlfriend become more efficient when shopping.

Shopping for electronics

Check reviews online before going down to buy electronic goods as the internet has many websites with ratings of the item you want and you can also have a clearer view of what you want based on other people’s experiences.

Shop online
Lately, there is a surge of online shops that sell clothes or accessories that may not be found in traditional stores and there are a few treasures that can be found. Also, by shopping online it eliminates the hassle of walking around looking for that one dress that suits your girlfriend.

Make a list of what you want
This eliminates the pointless walking around and trying to remember what to buy. More importantly, it saves you the trouble of returning to the shop to buy the one thing you missed earlier.

Have a go-to store
Having a base place where you shop helps you remember where the store with the cheapest or prettiest clothes are, where the things you want to buy are located, and it saves time too.

Don’t shop during peak hours
Shopping after work, weekends, and public holidays is a test of patience. Singapore’s getting more crowded every day, which you will have the pleasure to know if you so happen to go out during said periods.

Just remember, shop smart, not shop hard.