Five easy steps to airplane perfection

The Lux Lady

When did we decide that getting on a plane meant that we should essentially look like we just rolled out of bed? Returning from your holiday is all about feeling fabulous, but how do you get that post-holiday glow before you have even left? Just follow the easy steps below to come walking off your flight paparazzi ready!

#1: The air up there is dry, very dry. In fact airplane cabin air lacks an important ingredient: water. Because the typical humidity is only 5%–10% (compare that to Singapore’s average of 85%), you lose water every time you exhale. To prevent dehydration drink plenty of water and consider picking up a travel sized facial mist with essential oils which will revive dull skin, tone, clear acne, balance perspiration and relieve stress. Spray a bit on every time your skin is feeling dry throughout the flight, as well as using a few liberal spritz’ and wiping with a tissue or cotton ball to cleanse about 30 minutes before you de-plane. (Image: iStock)

#2:  You know when the pilot comes on and tells you it’s your last chance to use the restroom? This is your cue to get up and get beautiful. After cleansing with some face mist, the next step is to get even, glowing skin. For this, try a lightweight tinted moisturiser, preferably with fine mica to reflect light, which will reduce imperfections and give radiant skin. Apply evenly on the skin and add extra in the corner of your eyes and brow bone for an instant wake up. (Image: By Terry)

#3:  One of the quickest things to get dried out at a high altitude is your lips. Deep conditioning lip butter with natural oils will be your saviour and help to soothe and smooth lips by giving them lasting hydration. Try to find one with a hint of colour for lips and cheeks and instead of jet-lag, you’ll be jet-fab! (Image: stock.xchng)

#4:  The final touch to a quick and fresh on-the-fly face? The “eye’s” have it. We aren’t asking you to apply eye shadow or liner; we know there is turbulence, but mascara? Come on ladies, you can manage to throw a bit on. Aim for one which thickens, lengthens and curls lashes for added effect. (Image: stock.xchng)

#5:  Now that we have your face covered we need to deal with your inevitably dry hands and, well, the fact that after any time on a crowded plane you may not be as “fresh” as you were when you first stepped on. A hand cream which is lightly scented and screams Riviera, whether you are heading there or not, will soothe, hydrate and do wonders for your hands as well as leaving them smelling fantastic. Throw a little on your neck and give yourself a little in-flight massage, plus you will smell great without risking the offense that comes with spraying perfume on a plane. (Image: Stuart Miles / )