Fiona Sit leaving Warner Music Group

Fiona Sit leaving Warner Music Group

11 Aug - Hong Kong singer Fiona Sit would be leaving Warner Music Group to join a Sun Entertainment Culture, according to Jayne Stars.

While her decision to leave the label which had built her music career for eight years, has made her branded as a traitor, Fiona was considering the HK $6 million contract that was offered to her that would help her sustain her divorced parents and her father's medical bills.

A close friend of Fiona revealed that the singer was the sole breadwinner of the family, and her financial burdens became heavier when her father was diagnosed with a heart problem last year.

The burden that she put on herself to feed her parents had reportedly caused her to go into depression in 2008, when she had also attempted suicide.

Warner Music Group had tried to make Fiona reconsider her decision by indulging her with a concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum last month, but was disappointed when she still insisted on leaving.

Now Warner is looking to sign Ella Koon with a three-year contract for the same amount that Fiona would be getting at Sun Entertainment Culture.

Meanwhile, Fiona's boyfriend Khalil Fong has declared that he would still support her, despite them going to belong to different labels.

"Whatever decision Fiona makes, as a friend and as a colleague, I will always support her," he said and would continue to write songs for her.