Faye Wong's daughter is in love

Faye Wong's daughter is in love

10 Jan – Faye Wong's eldest daughter, Dou Jing Tong is sixteen now, and like any other 16-year-old, the girl is rumoured to be secretly in love.

According to Groove Asia website, it was alleged that Dou Jing Tong was recently seen entering a teenage boy's home while in Hong Kong, raising suspicions of the two dating.

Sources claimed that unaware of her daughter's relationship, the 16-year-old apparently told Faye that she was merely throwing a birthday party with a big group of friends.

Meanwhile, on 5 January, the couple were spotted together at a quiet corner of a shopping arcade, and entered a building believed to be the boy's house a few hours later.

The boy then sent Jing Tong back to the shopping arcade two hours later, and was picked up by her friend's chauffeur.

A source revealed that Jing Tong met the boy when she was in Hong Kong during the summer holiday last year, and kept in touch frequently through online social networks. It was reported that the pair met up secretly on several occasions after Jing Tong arrived from Beijing to celebrate her birthday in Hong Kong.