Fans protecting Ron Ng

Fans protecting Ron Ng

28 Jan – Actress Viann Zhang has become the target of numerous allegations with rumours of skin grafting and providing escort services. Recently, explicit photos of Viann were found circulating widely online tarnishing the name of actor Ron Ng.

Fans of Ron Ng recently dug up old pictures of Viann in poses which enraged them. Ron's fans are against the fact that their idol is dating Viann, and hope that by exposing these scandalous photos of her, it would open Ron's eyes to see her true character.

Fans believe that Viann is using Ron to increase her recognition among the rich-and-famous stars. The busty star was fervidly reprimanded by Ron's supporters for uploading bed photos of herself onto Ron's Weibo blog. Yet Ron did not give up on Viann, but instead came clean that she is his girlfriend.

Fans are reportedly pleading with Ron saying, "Are you sure you can accept your future wife's vulgar photos circulating online, to be easily seen by everyone? What will happen when your children see these photos?"

Viann shot back saying that all the reactions were exaggerated, "Tabloids have reported this previously. At the time, I was 19-years-old and went out with some friends. I did not officially enter the entertainment industry yet."

When asked about her smoking habits, Viann defended herself by claiming not to smoke, "When I was young, I found smoking to be cool, thus I posed with a cigarette in the photo."

However upon allegations of working as an escort in a nightclub in the past, she retorted, "Do you think that is possible? Before entering the entertainment industry, I had relied on my parents. Afterward, I relied on myself."

Viann indicated that if she were to get married in the future, she will wear the traditional Chinese bride attire. She added that no one has yet proposed to her yet. Currently only 24-years-old, Viann does not plan to get married until she is 30-years-old.