Fann Wong has no time for a baby

Fann Wong has no time for a baby

25 Apr – Singaporean singer-actress Fann Wong may have left the single life four years ago, but still laments that she and husband Christopher Lee have no time for a baby.

Groove Asia website reported that while speaking to the Taiwanese media on 18 April, the actress shared that she and husband have been too busy with overseas work that they are spending lesser time together.

The actress, who was in Taiwan for an endorsement job, stated that she was planning to use her short period of time in Taiwan to see husband, Chris, who is currently filming his upcoming TTV drama, "My Dear, I've Fallen in Love with Someone Else".

However, Fann revealed that her hopes were crushed when the cast and crew of the drama have left for their shoot in Taichung.

Asked if the couple is planning to have a baby, Fann said, "Yes, we are. But we really have no time."

The 42-year-old actress further disclosed that they keep in touch through teleconferencing when they're not together.

Asked if she is not worried about her husband co-starring with Taiwanese model Tian Xin in his new drama, Fann stated, "I won't watch it [the drama] at most."