f(x) 'Electric Shock' tops in various music charts

Kim Dong-Joo
f(x) 'Electric Shock' tops in various music charts

f(x)'s new song 'Electric Shock' is topping in various music charts.

The song was released on 10th at midnight, and it immediately topped in various music charts, including Melon, M.net, and Naver Music.

Title track 'Electric Shock' is an energetic and rhythmical electronic dance track, and it expresses the feeling of love as an electric shock.

The teaser video of 'Electric Shock', which was released on 9th, is also alluding a unique musical color and amazing performance, and the fans' anticipation for their official comeback is growing larger.

On the other hand, their new mini album 'Electric Shock' will be released offline on 13th.

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