Ewan McGregor: I want to be Oscar player

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Ewan McGregor: I want to be Oscar player
Ewan McGregor

Ewan McGregor says being part of the Oscar buzz makes you a "player".

The Scottish actor stars alongside Naomi Watts in The Impossible, a film based on one family's experience of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami.

Despite realising that winning an Academy Award would be a great honour, the 41-year-old claims there are downsides.

"Of course it would be nice to win one. I won't deny that, but it's not necessarily that you want to win awards," he explained to Total Film.

"Just by being in the chatter about it puts you in a place where - sadly - people in the American system then go, 'OK'. It makes you a player, in a way, and that's a shame. But in a way, I want to be a player. I want to be considered for good roles and stuff. If it helps to that end, that's great."

Ewan's role in The Impossible is certainly a powerful performance which could see him earn a nod when the Oscars nominations are announced this month.

The star admits he was a little reluctant to take on the complex part at first.

"When I heard about The Impossible, my first reaction was, 'Should people be making a film about [the Indian Ocean tsunami]?’" he revealed.

"Our goal was just to be really honest and truthful to their story. My biggest fear was that you felt like we were using the tsunami as some kind of dramatic backdrop to the story. That would be unforgiveable because of the people that lost their loved ones there."

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