Ewan McGregor reveals wooing technique

Ewan McGregor

Ewan McGregor admits he tries to impress women by "show-cooking".

However, the actor also confessed he isn’t actually at all skilled in the kitchen.

The 41-year-old revealed that when he first started dating his wife, French production designer Eve Mavrakis, he would pretend to be a dab hand at whipping up a gourmet meal in order to seduce her.

"My wife's a brilliant cook. When we met I used to 'show-cook' to impress her..." Ewan confessed to the British edition of Elle magazine. "[I didn't have a speciality] I was terrible. It's a wooing technique for men, a way to impress a woman. I did that with my wife and when I felt I'd done enough to impress her - and assumed I was 'in' - I stopped."

The actor has had much success in his 20-year career, including starring roles in movies such as Trainspotting and Star Wars. As a result of his status as one of Hollywood's leading men, the California-based actor admitted he does sometimes receive unwanted attention. Ewan recalled one incident where he was filmed while dining in a restaurant.

"That's the attitude I hate," Ewan confessed. "I'm not a celebrity, I hate the word. I'm a f***ing actor. Some people go to university to train to be a doctor and I went to drama school to learn how to be an actor: The word celebrity demeans all of that. But I would never allow it to exclude me from everyday society."

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