Ethan Ruan spends CNY with 'in-laws'

Ethan Ruan spends CNY with 'in-laws'

17 Feb – Taiwanese actor Ethan Ruan recently visited girlfriend, Tiffany Hsu's parents over the Chinese New Year weekend and took photos of the gathering as proof of their good relationship.

Groove Asia website reported that the actor, who uploaded the photos of their blissful time onto his micro blog, wrote, "I haven't been [posting] here for two days because I went to visit Mum and Dad. We had a great meal at Tiffany's place. It was ridiculously delicious."

Noticing the actor's usage of the term "Mum" and "Dad", rumours are rife that the couple may be walking down the aisle anytime soon.

However, Tiffany Hsu earlier announced that Ethan plans only to get married in 2014 due to his busy schedule. The actor has already informally proposed to his actress girlfriend in 2011 before leaving for his national service.

The couple has been in a stable relationship for five years and still going strong.