Eric Tsang's 60th birthday

Cinema Online19 February 2013
Eric Tsang's 60th birthday

It was rather unlucky for veteran Hong Kong comedic figure and filmmaker Eric Tsang to fall into the alleged slapping incident involving Kenny Wee at a wedding dinner last December, but now the "I Love Hong Kong 2013" actor has already moved on to better pastures for his career and private life in 2013. This year, the funnyman will have a grand celebration for his 60th birthday with his friends and family and Cinema Online was lucky enough to spend some time talking to the 'big brother' during the promotional tour of his latest Chinese New Year movie.

Cinema Online's interview with Eric Tsang was conducted on 8 February at One World Hotel in Damansara Jaya.

Q: Hello, Eric! How are you?
Hi Cinema Online. It feels good to come back to one of my favourite countries Malaysia again!

Q: What makes you continue with the "I Love Hong Kong" franchise every year?
Whenever we get close to Chinese New Year every year, people tend to ask me, "What kind of movie are you making this time?" and it has become one of my biggest responsibilities as an entertainer. If you ask me whether I'm tired of doing it, I can tell you that I'm not. If we can bring tonnes of joy to the audience during the festive season annually, why not? Plus, they give me the chance to gather all the new and old celebrities together for a movie, it's a blessing.

Q: What is so special about "I Love Hong Kong 2013"?
The film will lead you back to the 1970s, a golden era in Hong Kong and we will cross over the story with the happenings of the modern times. We are trying to entertain audiences of all ages.

Q: For the past few years, people get very excited to witness the battle between you and Raymond Wong when it comes to the box office results. Are you confident enough to beat him again this year?
Well, we have different styles in our movies. Some people are attracted to the trademark comedic performance in Raymond's flicks but at the same time some fans prefer to watch our show. I don't think that is really important to me. I think it's better for both of us to excel together and entertain everyone with good pieces.

Q: Is there any chance that you would collaborate with him?
Yes, of course. But currently I have plans to shoot my next Chinese New Year film in Malaysia with a local production crews and artistes. My films have always been achieving great box office results here apart from Hong Kong. Therefore, I think it's time for us to combine the culture of these two places into a new production.

Q: Any comment on Joyce Cheng's performance in "I Love Hong Kong 2013"?
Joyce has done a great job for her role as Chu Yuk Yun. It's fair to compare her with Sandra Ng now. I think Sandra will be very happy to see Joyce excelling in the comedy genre as all of us are looking forward to the new generation of the film industry.

Q: You had encountered some scandals last year and how are things settling today?
Let the unhappy events become our past. I don't want to think about that anymore. I'm moving on to happy occasions and I can't wait to celebrate my 60th birthday this year!

Q: Any plans for your birthday?
I'm planning to celebrate with my friends and family every month from now until September. I have friends from the industry, football club, business and family members from everywhere. So I need to separate the celebrations.

Q: There are rumours about TVB inviting big stars like Chow Yun Fat and Andy Lau to return for some television dramas. Is that true?
I'm not sure about it, but I think it's hard for those big stars to come back due to their busy schedules. However, I have news for everyone as Tony Leung Ka-Fai has expressed his interest to star in a TVB drama during my recent phone conversation with him, so, let's look forward to his return!

Q: Thank you, Eric and we wish you Happy Chinese New Year!
Thank you very much Cinema Online.

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