Eric Tsang, Teresa Mo promote "An Inspector Calls"

Eric Tsang, Teresa Mo promote "An Inspector Calls"

23 Dec – Teresa Mo and Eric Tsang urge the audience to watch their upcoming Lunar New Year movie, "An Inspector Calls", saying that the dark comedy will be different than anything that they have ever done.

According to Oriental Daily News, the two stars, who are synonym for Lunar New Year films, again play a couple in the new movie, and revealed that they were both drawn to the script and immediately said yes to making the film.

"The story is very enlightening," said Eric. "It will not only make the audience think, but entertain them as well."

Teresa added, "I have made a lot of Lunar New Year films, but this particular project is worthy of everyone's support."

The movie stars Louis Koo as an inspector who visited a mansion owned by a rich man (Eric Tsang) for an in-depth investigation of a female worker's suicide, ultimately uncovering the secrets of all its guests.

"An Inspector Calls" will be released on Lunar New Year next year.

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