Emmy Rossum: I get silly on wine

Emmy Rossum

Emmy Rossum likes to drink wine and “play silly games” with her famous friends.

The 26-year-old American star has a lot on at the moment thanks to her role in TV series Shameless, her new film Beautiful Creatures and her upcoming album.

Despite her busy schedule, she always makes time to have fun with her friends.

"I'm extremely focused. But as focused as I am, I'm silly as well. I'll have friends over [Justin Chatwin, Jake Abel and Shay Mitchell], and we'll drink a bottle of wine and play silly games like charades,” Emmy told Self magazine. “Oh, they get very loud."

The brunette tries to maintain an element of balance in her life. Emmy keeps things ‘zen’ by prioritising different things depending on her mood.

"I don't always make my bed. If my life is in a state of chaos, then I have to make it,” Emmy explained. “But if I'm happy in my life, then I'm OK leaving a little chaos in my house."

The star exercises regularly and feels happy with her life at the moment. When it comes to men Emmy could take her pick from eligible bachelors, but she will only date people who love her pets.

"I don't like a guy if he doesn't like my animals,” she stated. “I have a dog, Cinnamon, and a cat."

When it comes to her workout routine, Emmy admitted she has set herself a pretty unusual fitness goal.

"I don't want to do the Ironman [famous triathlon race] or run ten miles, but I do want to go up into space one day. It costs [hundreds of thousands] right now, but I hope eventually it will be $500. And I want to make sure my heart is fit enough to handle the trip when I'm 50,” she revealed.

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