Elva Hsiao prays for Jacky Chu

Elva Hsiao prays for Jacky Chu

14 Feb –Elva Hsiao recently wished for everybody to pray for singer-turned-actor and former boyfriend, Jacky Chu's safety.

As reported on Asianpopnews website, the singer, who was promoting her self-created fashion line, "Carry me" at a shopping mall on 12 February, was asked to comment about Jacky Chu's recent arrest for drug possession.

The sexy singer replied, "I just heard about it. I hope that everyone will pray for him."

Asked about her opinion on Jacky's earlier vows not to touch drugs again, Elva dodged the question and replied, "I hope everything and everyone will be better".

The singer, who dated Jacky during her campus years in Vancouver, had once urged the public to give him a chance, when the actor was arrested in 2007 for smoking marijuana.

Asked if she would support the actor again this time around, Elva said, "I will pray for him. Amen".