Elanne Kong meets angry driver

Elanne Kong meets angry driver

31 Jan – Hong Kong actress Elanne Kong has a good career however, following a burglary late last year, Elanne came to know of a real angry driver yesterday morning who kicked her out of the car, leaving her and 3 others stranded in the middle of the road, according to a report on TVB News World.

The 25-year-old initially was shooting for Mainland drama "Mulan" in Xiangshan, but then set out for a trip back to Hong Kong yesterday with her colleague Candiu Liu and their two assistants. A 7-seater van was waiting to transport the four girls with loads of luggage, to Hangzhou airport. With the van fitting maximum capacity, the driver however persisted that he had to bring his two relatives along which would then cause an uncomfortable squeeze for the passengers.

On the journey to Hangzhou, the speeding driver abruptly started shouting to the crew over the phone, "No matter what, you must get a car and send my two relatives back to Hangdian, otherwise you will have to pay for them to leave. If not, I won't take the girls to the airport and instead make a speedy U-turn back to drive my relatives back to Hangdian myself!"

Surprised and frightened, the four girls were evicted from the vehicle and left stranded in the middle of the highway in the cold weather.

Eventually Elanne and her colleagues made it to airport safely, but that did not settle anything for the furious Hong Kong actress, who identified the driver as Master Xu.

The entire tale was exploded on Elanne's Weibo blog, expressing that the van had no more room or else they would not have mind the two relatives tagging along. The fuming starlet stated that Master Xu knew of their tight schedule and rushing to catch their flight, but yet resulted to using them as threats to the crew members. "He abandoned four girls in the middle of the highway and in the cold weather. I took the taxi to the airport myself, that Master Xu! Please, can you be a little more humane?!" wrote the 25-year-old, directing it to the driver.

Elanne urged other performers who had plans to shoot in that location to be aware of 'rotten drivers'.

Lam Siu Ming, the very unhappy and raged boss of the frightened star did not hesitate to solve this commotion, "How can such incident happen? It is about the personal safety of four girls, how he can just abandon them in the middle of the highway, under the cold weather. He absolutely does not have any sense of responsibility for his job and is completely immoral! Anyway, I will find this driver and take legal action on him!"