Edison Chen plans to relocate to Taiwan

Edison Chen plans to relocate to Taiwan

26 Mar – Edison Chen is so madly in love with his former Juice employee, Ann Hong that it was recently reported that the Hong Kong actor-entrepreneur intends to relocate to Taiwan to be nearer to her.

As reported on Asianpopnews website, while speaking to the media at the autograph session of his new book, Edison, who was without his 22-year-old lady love, revealed that he has already regarded Taiwan as his second home.

Revealing his plan to buy a property in Taiwan next month, the actor stated, "I like houses with contemporary designs. There is a high possibility that I will relocate to Taiwan once I find the perfect house."

Asked if Ann would be living with him in his new home, Edison said, "I don't know. She is very close to her family and places priority in family value. I am happy just to see her more often [if I live in Taiwan]."

In related news, the actor also revealed that he is planning to return to the movie industry, stating that he had several film invitations from China and United States.

The 32-year-old actor stated, "If the deal is confirmed, I should have new movie at the end of the year."