Eason Chan's activities ground to a halt

Eason Chan's activities ground to a halt

8 Dec – Rumour has it that Cantopop singer, Eason Chan, will be halting his entertainment activities for six months, starting from next April.

According to Groove Asia, sourced revealed that the singer has decided to go on a six-month hiatus in order to salvage his marriage with actress Hilary Tsui while resting his strained vocal cords.

It was alleged that Eason has decided to work things out with the actress for his daughter's sake.

Earlier, it was reported that the couple's marriage is in danger of breaking up, after Eason Chan allegedly had a huge row with his wife regarding her involvement in the drug party scandal.

The singer appeared to be in low spirits during his concert in Beijing last weekend and while Hilary's manager denied the rumours that the couple had a huge row, the actress reportedly has flown to Japan to avoid confrontation.

Eason's manager has yet to make any comments regarding the rumour.