Donnie Yen to renew wedding vows

Donnie Yen to renew wedding vows

18 Feb – He may have already given her a bracelet, but doting husband Donnie Yen is planning a more special gift for his beloved wife for Valentine's Day.

Asianpopnews website reported that the actor, who was unable to celebrate the day with wife of nine years, Cissy Wang, due to filming obligations, recently shared, "I am planning another surprise for her when she returns."

The actor, who married Cissy in 2003 during her pregnancy, revealed, "We will be celebrating our 10th anniversary this August. My wife was pregnant when we got married. She has always envied others who are able to wear their wedding gowns so beautifully."

"I wish to renew wedding vows with her and to re-take our wedding pictures at the same time," the actor expressed.

Meanwhile, Donnie's model wife, who was on a vacation in Singapore during Valentine's Day, professed her love to Donnie on her Weibo and wrote, "Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Love you, hon!"