Donnie Yen philosophises his success

Donnie Yen philosophises his success

15 Feb – Donnie Yen may have been recently named the highest paid Hong Kong celebrity of 2012, but the "Ip Man" actor doesn't find his whopping HKD263 million such a big deal.

According to Jayne Stars website, the actor revealed, "In terms of our flourishing society, an artiste's income isn't that high. Often, artistes have to work a lifetime to develop their career. You may earn nothing at first, but when you are doing well, others will only see your success."

The actor continued, "Take me for example. I had to struggle for many years to get to where I am today. If you compare my life's work with professionals like lawyers and doctors, my income is nothing."

The actor was of course talking about his earlier years as a stuntman for films and dramas, before hitting the big screen with his first major role, "Drunken Tai Chi" in 1984. In those days, the action star had to invest in his own films, and had to live off of a few hundred dollars for several months.

Donnie also credited his wife, Cecilia Wang for his financial success.

"She's the one who helped me manage my investments and budgets. If you are scared of your wife, you become rich. I believe this," the actor joked.

"A moment of triumph does not represent a life of success; a moment of setback does not represent a life of failure. This is what I have learned from my past experiences," the actor expressed.

In related news, Donnie's upcoming films in 2013 include "The Monkey King 3D", "Special Identity", "The Iceman Cometh 3D", and "Ip man 3D".