Donatella Versace: Dog is my boss

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Donatella Versace: Dog is my boss
Donatella Versace

Donatella Versace says her pet dog is her “boss”.

The fashion designer has appeared in a new photoshoot with her beloved Jack Russell Audrey for British magazine Grazia. In the accompanying interview, Donatella has revealed the strength of her bond with Audrey.

“She was a gift for my daughter [Allegra], but she never really liked dogs, and then she went to university and Audrey stayed home. Now, she’s my best friend. Well, actually she’s my boss. If anybody’s my boss, it’s Audrey,” she explained.

The canine was named after iconic Hollywood beauty Audrey Hepburn, because of her short, dark cropped hairstyle.

“It was either Marilyn or Audrey. Audrey is not blonde,” Donatella explained.

The Italian designer loves spending time with Audrey, and enjoys pampering the pooch.

She carefully chooses outfits for her pet and ensures Audrey is always on trend.

“She’s totally demanding – more than I am, absolutely. She’s very difficult. She wakes me up at 6.30 every day. She starts to talk to me. Yes, strange noises comes from Audrey. Each morning I rub special oil for babies into her skin to keep her hair soft,” Donatella revealed.

“I dress her every day. Right now, she has a quilted tartan coat with gold buttons, a black cashmere turtleneck and a little raincoat. Black. Vinyl. Belted.

“Yes, she’s very fashionable. She loves model fittings, she loves to see the girls in the clothes. She walks on their trains sometimes.”

Donatella previously owned two golden retrievers, which were given to her by photographer Bruce Weber a long time ago. When she lost them, the 57-year-old feared nothing could ever replace her cherished pets.

“I was just so, so sad. I think that’s why my brother gave us Audrey. He gave me a Jack Russell because he thinks they have a personality very similar to mine,” Donatella added. “She looks into my eyes so deeply sometimes, and I talk to her and swear she understands me.”

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