Donald Sutherland: I was childish

Donald Sutherland

Donald Sutherland has admitted he was “childish and naive” when he was younger.

The legendary actor struggled to connect with his film colleagues in the past.

The Hollywood icon recalled how he let his friendship with director Federico Fellini slip away after they had wrapped filming 1976 movie Casanova.

"When the shooting was over I had nothing to offer. Without my role I didn't have a connection with the director. I was childish, naive and silly. Federico Fellini was bewildered back then that I wasn't able to maintain or foster our friendship," he told German TV channel Tele 5.

Donald added that it was his current wife who helped him to grow as a person.

The 76-year-old married actress Francine Racette in 1972 and credits her for sticking with him for so many decades.

"I have been happily in love for 40 years and that is something good. My wife deserves all the laurels for that, because she has endured me for so long - and she taught me how to behave," he said.

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