Does Yoo In Na Think Ji Hyun Woo is a Player?

Choi, EunHwa

Yoo In Na was impressed with Ji Hyun Woo’s kissing skills.

Yoo In Na, along with Ji Hyun Woo, participated in an open studio as well as a press conference at the National Theater of Korea in Jonggu, Seoul for their drama, tvN’s Queen In Hyun’s Man

When asked if Ji Hyun Woo is a real player, Yoo In Na replied, “A player? More than being a player, he’s a person who acts out kiss scenes really comfortably. I don’t think he’s acting like a player on purpose, but he’s the kind of guy who acts in a way that makes girls fall for him.”

In this drama, Yoo In Na plays the role of the actress, Choi Hee Jin. She is a character that falls in love with Kim Boong Do (Ji Hyun Woo), who travels 300 years from the Joseon era to the present. In the drama, Choi Hee Jin asks Kim Boong Do if he is a player, after he gives her a sweet kiss and says warm words to her.

On this matter, Ji Hyun Woo said, “We had another kiss scene recently, and I really couldn’t figure out Yoo In Na’s feelings. The director told us to just do it, but I don’t think she really understood. She ended up just saying, ‘Aren’t you lucky to be a good kisser,’ and I remember laughing for a really long time.”

Continuing on, Ji Hyun Woo explained, “When viewers see the character of Boong Do, they may wonder if he really is a player. While acting in this role, I started to wonder if the men of the Joseon era were actually all very skillful players. They seemed to know a lot about women.”

Meanwhile, the 16 episodes of tvN’s Queen In Hyun’ Man (written by Song Jae Jung, directed by Kim Byung Soo) is a love story between a Joseon scholar, Kim Boong Do (Ji Hyun Woo), who travels to the future to save Queen In Hyun, and an unpopular actress, Choi Hee Jin (Yoo In Na), who in her new 2012 drama, New Jang Hee Bin acts out the role of Queen In Hyun. Being an action historical drama as well as a comical melodrama, this time-slip production has been gaining positive feedback.

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