‘Doctor Outsider', Park Hae Jin transforms into an elite doctor

Lim ju-hui
‘Doctor Outsider', Park Hae Jin transforms into an elite doctor

Park Hae Jin has transformed into an elite doctor.

On April 4th, the production team of channel SBS' new drama, 'Doctor Outsider,' released character cuts of Park Hae Jin, who is casting as an elite doctor named Han Jae Jun.

Han Jae Jun is an elite doctor who worked at Harvard University Hospital, and now works as the head doctor of Myungwoo University Hospital's chest surgery department.

Han Jae Jun is one of the most perfect guys around, who has a handsome look, phenomenal talent, and a great manner. He will show a 'high-end' aura with a great professionalism and leadership, and a great number of female fans are showing huge anticipation.

The photos show Park Hae Jin perfectly showing the sharp and elegant look of an elite doctor, looking more stylish than ever in suit, and surgery uniforms.

While he usually shows gentle and soft look, he suddenly turns cold and sharp before operating as surgery, and this shows his great sense of professionalism.

Park Hae Jin watched a lot of documentaries, films, and many other video clips of doctors operating surgeries, and endlessly practiced tying surgery strings.

A representative of the drama's production agency said, "Park Hae Jin is showing a great amount of efforts and passion for the drama, and thanks to his such an attitude, the all of the shootings are getting continued very smoothly. Please show a lot of supports for him and the drama."

Meanwhile, 'Doctor Outsider' will show a story about a North Korean refugee doctor named Park Hoon(Lee Jong Seok) and South Korean doctor Han Jae Jun fighting against a major conspiracy together, and the drama will premiere on April 28th.

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